Oyster Night Menu

$1.25 Oysters | Every Thursday @ 4 p.m. (’til we run out)
$4.50 House Lager Pints | $14 House Lager Pitchers
dine-in only


Gig Harbor, Washington

Plump, full meats with a good chew. They start with a sweet flavor and high brininess and have a lingering mineral taste on the finish.
Roughly around ¾ of an inch in size.


Baja California, Mexico

Raised in bags attached to longlines in a bay opening to the Pacific Ocean, resulting in by far the saltiest Kumamoto. Water quality is pristine.


Puget Sound, WA

Beach Farmed which means the oysters are grown directly on the sandy floor of Sequim Bay.
They are silky smooth, displaying tantalizing mineral notes coupled with unmistakable brine, subtle sweetness and a fresh cucumber finish.
They are clean, bright and provoke fond memories of the beach.


San Quintin, Baja California

These have their own special clean-tasting, full-bodied flavor. They range between 3.5-4” inches in size with a semi-firm texture.
A harder shell results in fewer flakes, while a deep cup houses a supple liquor and ocean-fresh brininess that lingers with a sea grass finish.