Oyster Night Menu

$1.25 Oysters | Every Thursday @ 4 p.m. (’til we run out)
$4.50 House Lager Pints | $14 House Lager Pitchers
dine-in only


Baja California, Mexico

Grown from a single seed all the way to market size off the bottom, Kumiai Oysters have a great shape and clean shell. Their unique flavor gives a crisp saltiness at first and a sweet finish.


Baja California, Mexico

Salty flavor with a buttery finish and creamy texture.


Sequim Bay, Washington

These oysters will be quite salty initially and that salinity will linger through the pallet. They do have some glycogen on them, which will provide a mellow sweetness through the middle of the pallet and can finish with the cucumber or melon flavor typical of the region.


York River, Virginia

Situated in the idyllic environment of the lower Eastern Shore of Virginia, Little Saints are grown in surface floats to create a tough, but easy to open shell that encapsulates moderate salinity levels with a fresh, sweet finish.

*Consuming raw seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of food borne illness